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Contract Options

Need to make a transfer today? To choose the contract option that best suits your personal circumstances, simply contact Premier FX.

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Our range of currency exchange contracts are designed to help you get the most from money in a way that suits you.

Your dedicated Premier FX Account Manager will advise you on the most suitable contract (or contracts), depending on your requirements.

Spot Contract

The quickest way to send money abroad – once you have agreed a rate and we have received payment, we send the currency direct to your beneficiary.

Forward Contract

Purchase currency at a rate now for delivery in the future – particularly useful for a property transaction that will not be completed until a future date. The rate you achieve remains the same for the agreed term so you are not vulnerable to adverse exchange rate movements. Securing your forward rate requires a returnable 10% deposit.

Limit Order

Achieve a particular rate for your currency – your Account Manager will inform you once your desired rate is attainable, and the funds are sent in the normal way. Particularly useful if you are in no rush to secure your currency.

Stop Loss Order

Limit a wrong move in the exchange rates – simply give your Account Manager your worse rate to trade and if the market moves against you, we will execute your order for your currency.

Various contract options

  • Spot contract
  • Forward contract
  • Limit order contract
  • Stop loss contract
  • No minimum amounts, fees or commissions

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