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Premier FX Currency Forecast: 14 August 2017

Uncertainty in the economic and political world is creating a great deal of volatility in the Foreign Exchange Markets. The US and North Korea situation is at the forefront of this, and when instances like this occur the US Dollar becomes a bit of a safe haven currency. The US Dollar again extended its gains,...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 17 July 2017

This week sees quite a bit of event risk for the pound. On Tuesday we have inflation numbers, which are quite important. The Bank of England Monetary Committee is starting to become a little split on interest rate moves. A high inflation figure would mean a higher chance of seeing an interest rate rise, which...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 10 July 2017

The pound is still holding up pretty well…. just!

Premier FX Currency Forecast – 26 June 2017

Not really too much to report from the markets in the last week or so. Again, the Pound looked weak but in fact held up pretty well against the Euro and USD. Much press talk was about the Brexit negotiations going on in Brussels. Naturally we are going to hear many stories and assumptions regarding...

Increase Funds During Your Money Transfer by Placing a Limit Order

So you’re looking at today’s exchange rate—say, between the Pound and Euro, or the Euro and Dollar—and you’re not very impressed. You have a sense that financial markets or world affairs might change, and you think that could affect currencies. What should you do? Go for today’s less than impressive rate? Or, hold off and...

Premier FX Currency Forecast – 19 June 2017

The Pound still had a hangover last week from the surprise UK general election result. We moved down slowly to the mid 1.13s against the Euro in the interbank market, and 1.26 in the STG/USD market. However, considering the undoubted negativity that surrounded the Pound, it actually held up quite well and even moved higher...

Premier FX Currency Forecast – 12 June 2017

The UK general election has been the biggest news factor in the financial markets this past week. The result, although sold as unexpected, probably wasn’t that much of a surprise considering the way other elections have gone in the UK.

Premier FX Currency Forecast

The Pound continues to come under pressure mainly due to a strong Euro. We have been trading around the 1.14 level for a while now against the Euro, although the Pound has held up very well against the US Dollar, trading in the mid 1.29s. Of course, the big event this week is the UK...
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