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Sterling and Brexit

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 16 October 2017

The markets will be driven by much event risk this week. This, especially applies to sterling, where BREXIT EXIT talks continue with the possibility of progress or the possibility of no progress. Or, even the possibility of both depending on what they talk about. This will continue throughout the discussions, and the UK wants to get out,...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 09 October 2017

Political uncertainty and Brexit fears continue to weigh on the pound. There seems to be a mission to oust UK Prime Minister Teresa May. This has not worked as yet, but this political uncertainty will not help the pound. Brexit talks with the European Union carry on this week, and any major disagreements that may...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 25 September 2017

The speech on Friday by the UK Prime minister did not do much to reassure the markets that the exit from BREXIT would be easy! The pound reacted to it OK but showed that the issue is far from settled and will take a great deal of effort from the UK Government to achieve what...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 18 September 2017

Last week proved a very good week for the Pound. Good economic figures, and the possibility of an interest rate rise, made Sterling spiral higher against both the USD, and the Euro. In fact both have hit the recent highs. However, even though this has happened, and was pretty unexpected, a bullish trend has not...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 11 September 2017

Is there light at the end of the downward tunnel for the Pound? Last week was certainly a respite, getting above 1.09. STG/USD was the one to benefit more moving to recent highs above 1.31. The big mover was EUR/USD, and that still feels like it goes a little higher before maybe retracing back.

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 29 August 2017

There are a few more economic figures out this week to get the market going. The UK has a few at the end of the week, and also there is the important US jobs numbers. However, the currency pair that is really moving is EUR/USD. This has moved quite a bit higher through the 1.20...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 21 August 2017

It’s becoming a bit of a summer market, even though there is lots of event risk out there. World economic figures are dominating the landscape with the US Dollar being the main focus. Sterling has taken a bit of a back seat of late, and has been influenced by the movement in the Euro and...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 14 August 2017

Uncertainty in the economic and political world is creating a great deal of volatility in the Foreign Exchange Markets. The US and North Korea situation is at the forefront of this, and when instances like this occur the US Dollar becomes a bit of a safe haven currency. The US Dollar again extended its gains,...
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