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Premier FX Currency Forecast: 02 January 2018

Happy New Year to Everyone, Not too much to report as 2018 kicks off. The focus in the coming weeks will be more or less the same as the back end of last year. Sterling will be driven by what is going on in the BREXIT talks. Although headway had seemed to be made last...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 18 December 2017

Again, the direction of the Pound is heavily influenced by news coming from the BREXIT negotiations. When we here a deal have been struck for anything then, we have a minor surge in the pound. When we hear the opposite the market initiates a sell off. This wont change in the coming week as there...
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Premier FX Currency Forecast: 11 December 2017

The pound, yet again is subject to event risk. Last week a BREXIT deal was apparently struck and this helped sterling, but only for a little while before the uncertainty crept back in. This will continue to happen and there really is no clear direction as to when a final deal will be struck and...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 4 December 2017

The pound held up well last week. Against the USD especially, touching around 1.35 at one point and holding above 1.13 against the Euro. However, none of the previously mentioned issues have changed. BREXIT remains a big threat to the pound. There are so many opinions and press reports coming through regarding the so called...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 27 November 2017

The pound is yet again in no mans land. The market doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. In fact they probably have some quite definite thoughts but are waiting to see what becomes of ongoing BREXIT talks. Again this has come into focus, as the UK are rumoured to have upped their payment to...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 20 November 2017

Not too much new news regarding Sterling. That’s probably the way it will be until year-end. Naturally, BREXIT and the so-called divorce talks will dominate in the coming weeks. The UK is rumored to be putting their offer higher for a settlement. Although this is said to be more than double the first offer, it...
Forecast 13 of November

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 13 November 2017

The pound has held quite steady in the past week or so… Considering. Yes, considering last week again bought us a lot of in fighting in the government. This seems to be the norm of late and has thrown the conservative part into disarray and threatened Prime minister May’s tenure. This is definitely a wait...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 06 November 2017

Last weeks expected interest rate rise by the Bank of England didn’t really inspire much confidence in the pound. The market was of course expecting this rise, and when it came the pound actually fell on the day! There was no doubt it had been priced in.
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