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UK & EU contrary directions

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 16 July 2018

Well that was a week, wasn’t it? No sooner had we published this newsletter last Monday, the UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, joined the resignation party in protest over the proposed Brexit plan, throwing things into yet more turmoil.
Brexit puzzle

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 09 July 2018

It was another week of tit for tat in the markets last week, with the inevitable to-ing and fro-ing of points in the exchange rates between the principal pairs.

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 02 July 2018

The principal event at the end of last week was the EU Summit, at which key issues were to be debated and hopefully progress made towards resolution. There was no such luck.
British pounds in coins

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 25 June 2018

Last week saw the British Pound bear up reasonably well against both the Euro and USD, in part to do with the Bank of England chief economist standing firm on his economic growth forecast of 0.4% for Q2, up from 0.1%, blamed largely on bad weather in Q1. Midweek we saw GBP / EUR rise...
Exchange Rates

Why do Exchange Rates move so much?

Here at Premier FX, this is a question we get asked very often. And it’s not difficult to see why, when just a few percentage points movement can make a huge difference to the amount of money you will receive when making a transfer.
Twenty pounds bill

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 4 June 2018

The Pound has been having a bit of a rough ride against a strong US Dollar. The USD strength has lasted for quite a time now, especially against the Euro. This has kept STG/EUR up quite a bit. That pair is being influenced by the movement in GBP/USD and EUR/USD at the moment and is...

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 21 May 2018

The currency pair that is moving the market at the moment is EUR/USD. The USD strength has helped this a great deal and both the Euro and the pound have suffered. The pound more against the USD of course, but that pair is starting to find some support in the mid 1.34s.

Premier FX Currency Forecast: 14 May 2018

Not so good economic figures and the no change in interest rate kept the pound pretty subdued last week. Although there was no real underlying weakness against the EURO, against a strong USD we did see a drop.
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