Currency Card

Premier FX Prepaid Currency Cards are a great way to spend your currency while still getting excellent exchange rates.

With Euro, USD and GBP prepaid MasterCard® Cards available, you can use your card for your travel money exchange needs in over 35.9 million locations worldwide. A great alternative to carrying cash on your travels.

Simply open an account, order your card and then fund it with your currency, using our excellent exchange rates. You can pay with a bank transfer or by debit card.

*ATM cash withdrawal charges: €2.95 for euro cards; $3.45 for USD cards; £2.35 for GBP cards.


Euro, USD and GBP prepaid cards available
Use your card in more than 35.9 million locations worldwide
Fund and view your balance online
Chip and pin security with MasterCard®

Why people trust Premier FX

  • I have been using Premier FX on a regular basis for 5 years now, and can verify that the partnership we have formed is very valuable to my business. The service I receive continues to be professional and personal, and I always recommend them to my friends and business associates.

    Trishell Gill

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  • I would just like to record my gratitude for your efficient and professional currency exchange service. I now have access to better rates of exchange and a friendly, personal service in the knowledge that should any queries arise they will be dealt with effectively and in a timely manner. It is also a great benefit to me to be dealing with real people that I know, rather than someone in an office a thousand miles away. Many thanks Peter for your hard work and efforts on my behalf.

    Mike Collins

    Costa Esuri League Team Captain

  • Having been in international banking for over 32 years, and still obtaining preferential rates from my previous bank employer, I was sceptical that Premier FX could in any way improve on the benefits I was already receiving. However after six months, and a number of successfully completed personal transactions, I was so impressed that, in addition, all the foreign exchange undertakings for my UK business are now passed through Premier FX.

    Simon Rose

    Corte-Real Gallery